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Would you like to decorate your home, restaurant, or office place with beautiful custom Persian arts on glass and mirrors? If you do then you are in the very right place!

Design4Glass.com is the official website dedicated to present unique hand-made glass decorations and mirror designs done by the Persian glass artist, Mahmoud Afhami.

About the Artist:                                                                                           

Mahmoud Afhami was born in Tehran, Iran. He was born and raised in an art-lover family and from the very early age his great passion to the arts was noticeable. Mahmoud started his career as a professional glass artist in 1990. He has extensive experience in glass etching and mirror design.

In 2004 Mahoumd moves to America and resides in Los Angeles, CA. Since then, people enjoy his artworks here and there in public places, restaurants ("Flame" restaurant in Westwood Blvd for example), et al. Also, his arts can be seen in many Iranian-Americans' homes and business places.

Here is Mahmoud's motto: "My art is the best advertisement for my art"

Influenced by Persian historic symbols, miniature arts, and calligraphy, his glass and mirror designs are truly one of a kind across the entire nation.